1. How does the app know when the bus arrives?

This information is from the Sudbury Transit website(mybus.greatersudbury.ca). The data on werzmyBus is pulled from the transit website in real time.

2. Why do I need to have a data plan to use werzmyBus?

werzmyBus pulls itsĀ arrival times from the Sudbury Transit website in real time. If there is no connectivity(either wifi, LTE, 3G), the app will not be able to display the times. werzmyBus will still show you the bus stops and its locations.

3. Do I need to know my bus stop number to use werzmyBus?

No. A bus stop number is not necessary. You can also search for the bus stop using the name of the stop. The stop names are usually the street name or the intersection name. If that doesn’t work, you can move the map around, zoom in and find the bus stops near the location you want to go.

4. I have a suggestion, I want to give, How do I reach you?

We would love to hear from you. We have created a forum section where you can post your comments/feedback on the app. If you want a new feature, if you have suggestions on how the app can be improved, or complaints, please post them on the Forum Section of the website